The reason for so many blogs is I've been stricken over the past year with some uncanny luck on the blog and Facebook page area. My Facebook page has never worked. My subscribers don't get my posts on their feeds and Facebook, as usual, can't be bothered. So they never know when I post anything. Blogs keep getting deleted, as I've given an example of in the post before this one or technical difficulties of one sort or another met with sites that have about as much customer support as Facebook and I have to end up abandoning them. Well I've opened a few just to see if one survives for even a little while but you know what? Two have already developed technical issues that Wordpress can't be bothered fixing even though the one has been proven, I believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt is their responsibility they just close down the thread and don't allow you to respond anymore. That's what they call support there. And they have people in the forum that snap at you if you need anymore help than having a link thrown at you. Some are very nice though.

Here's the links and two of them are on Networkedblogs.

We'll see how long it is before I have to abandon them too. Can't help but be pessimistic as far as this goes. I have this site though and it's been working fine and they do actually have something resembling real support here. Only thing is their pages don't post at sights like blogs do or I would certainly have no need of the blogs.
OK now I'm giving Wordpress a try. I hate it but their look is so much better than Blogger and besides I've been looking for a way to escape Google. I'm learning just enough to get by. I wouldn't look for my blog to be really involved with allot of bells and whistles because did I say I hate working with Wordpress? I just don't want to be bothered learning all that coding because to be truthful I don't want to do all that technical reading that seems to be required. I'm a right brainer for crying out loud and I'm looking for an outlet not a curriculum. Having said all that I think I've found a semi reliable work around for a simple copy and paste. It's limiting but I don't think taking a college course in html is worth the little extra I'd get. I will miss some of the arrangements some of my poems had. I don't think there's a work around for that. I've posted a few writes and have already gained a following so it's so far so good.  Check me out.
I have had a YouTube account for many years under a certain email account. I've had a blog called PoeticSojourn on Blogger which was a poetry blog on the same email account. I recently opened a Google + account and opened under the name Poetic Sojourn, again, that same email account and it was accepted by Google plus. IF they accept it then how am I to know it violates their policies? 

I am not a Google + employee and we all know that no one reads the terms of services before signing up. I had no reasonable way of knowing this. Google plus/minus suspended my account on December 19th 2011. I had gone away for vacation to visit my elderly mother who doesn't have Internet. 

When I came back home about a week after they suspended my account, The notice said that I violated their naming policies. Though they accepted the name and opened the account they were blaming me for the violation. 

They also said that their reviews might be a few days. Well by that time it was already beyond a few days because I had just got back from my mothers and it was well after Christmas. 

I immediately changed the name to my name. I made repeated attempts to contact Google plus/minus via "feedback" and I sent something, the one time I was permitted to, on one of the links they made available on the suspension notice. I informed them I changed the name but now, not only well after the "few days" their policy states they take to review but well after a month, they've disabled all my accounts that I've had for years because they accepted my Google + account with a violation of the naming policy that they ,being Google + employees, knew or should have known about at the time of accepting it and still accepted it. Again, not being a Google + employee, I didn't know about that at the time. They accepted it for crying out loud!

Now who's mistake would any reasonable person say this is? 

I have had to start over twice on Blogger because of technical difficulties that I couldn't resolve. It's well known they have no support for that among other things. Now they're forcing me to start over again because they accepted me opening my Google + account with a violation they knew of but I didn't yet they accepted anyway and then blamed me for. They're insisting on some twisted logic that would make that my mistake.

I have had the YouTube account for years with no issues and it goes now along with it!!! What are they expecting from me and why are you doing this to me when the whole matter was their mistake not mine! 

They took until January 28th 2012 to disable it which shows they don't even follow their own policies. The policy states all reviews will be done in a few days. What exactly are they considering a few days? All through this I've had no recourse and was just waiting for the axe to fall. Now they've done it and I'm paying for their mistake. 

All the thousands of YouTube vidz I saved over the years are gone. I did make an attempt to save on to another YouTube account I had opened up suspecting this would happen but didn't act fast enough to have the time to get them all. Not even close. All my original followers and posts on the Blogger blog are gone and because of that, I can't even re-open and use the name I had for the blog because now that will remain unavailable so even those wishing to find me again won't be able to under the name they're familiar with. All because of their plan to have total control over your Internet experience by buying everything up and then tying them all together if you open under the same email account. One goes, they all automatically go. 

My advise, if you must deal with anything Google, is to have everything on separate email accounts so that if those bone heads want to blame you for their mistake on say, Google minus and delete that account, at least you'll still have your blog or YouTube account under a different email. I am learning this the hard way.

I have a widget on this page where you can sign up for the cause I made through in the attempt to try to bring some attention to their attempt to control you. Please sign up for it.

OK, now I'm editing this in as just updated they're system and now nothing but an error shows on that widget. MMM I wonder how much Google is involved with lol If they fix it, I'll bring it back but thought I'd delete the error. No use having that here. 

Below is the link to it.

Ridiculous Google +
Check it out and follow if you like.

Or follow directly on Blogger
I've found that using different OS and computers and browsers that the pages and the positions of the text and pics are different depending on what you're using. I've tried to make a compromise between all of them but that results in none of them looking perfect. The biggest difference is between Mac OS/Firefox and Windows /Explorer.
On this post you can make comments on all my writes. Just please list the title of the write first before you begin the comment so we'll know what you're talking about. I know it's not as convenient as having the comment space on the same page as the write but think of it this way. You don't have to go through all of them to see what's being said they'll all be here. :)
This is my new blog attached to my new website. Above are the links to my home page and each poem will have it's own page. I have transferred every write I've written since November. That's how long I've been writing. As I write more, I will post on this site. It's not quite like the other blogs in that you don't get notified every time I post. You have to check in occasionally I guess. Hopefully you'll comment here on this blog and we can have a dialogue about anything really. I don't know how it will evolve but I welcome your input and hope you'll send people to The Sojourner.  Thanks and welcome :)

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