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    The Sojourner


    Scott Schoffstall

    From the Sojourner.

    I'm a new writer hoping to voice what is in me in the coming years.
    My experiences sometimes fuel my writing but often they do not. At times it's what I believe or what I dream of.
    Sometimes there's a bit of humor too. Those are usually born of my experiences with others online. They're not meant to be deadly serious so if you're asking yourself "what or rather who is he on about?" it might be one of those.

    I invite you to stick around and I also invite your input.

    You can also reach me at

    The photos you see are all the photos I have of my existence.


    February 2012
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    This is a disclaimer that I have not created any of the images displayed with my poems. I have retrieved them from the public internet usually by using Google. If they have copyrights at the time I find them, I don't crop them out. I am aware however that some might have been cropped out before I found them. If that is the case, of course, I invite the artist or photographer to contact me via my email on the blog that is right above the picture or me and let me know. I'm sensitive to this and do not want to infringe on another protected work. I would show that credit or delete it altogether. I do like to have proof that it is indeed your work though. That only makes sense.